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Workshops 2017



"Omnia Vincit Amor"  Love Conquers All


For all Levels 


In this workshop, we will be inspired by the Natural World, learning of light and form, the use of gel skin imagery, atmospheric perspective and will explore our emotional response to colour. Participants will  also learn glazing techniques. The original painting will be used in the teaching of these techniques. Students will incorporate  the Mermaid and Mariner image, prepared in advance for the workshop, expressing their original  response to paint to achieve sky, coastline and ocean. 




A three inch flat brush, soft bristles

Tools and other brushes will be supplied,bring what you may have

Acrylic Glazing Medium

Acrylic Paints - Titanium White, Mars Black , Turquise, Burnt Sienna , Colbalt Blue - small size tubes are fine, bring what you have.

Primed Canvas or Board, at least 18 x 20

One sponge, kitchen type works.

Omni Vincit Amor - Love Conquers All . Workshop, Victoria BC Latter Days of Augst -2017 Day and time TBA