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I have begun a painting, inspired by the coast of Ecuador. My youngest daughter, an artist,


working in silkscreen and paint,


 has captured the magnificent coast in beautiful photographs. She also made short 


films of the beach she was living on , beautiful, mesmerising ocean waves crashing and 


rolling in, and expansive skys.  I am hoping to communicate the serenity and power felt 


in this atmosphere. I have always been drawn to the horizon, the unknown, the human 


feeling of new adventure, and, also, of endings and passages. 


New Okanagan landscapes will be displayed soon. I will be working from photographs 


from past treks, and my garden.


I am also working on fabric, researching paints, and differnt surfaces. I wish to portray the 


BC coast and Okanagan land in art pieces to be worn. 




We have had a new snowfall -  evolving from this is the great light the snowy 


landscape casts into the studio. Also, it means a snow day, every reason to spend the day 


working in the studio.  More snow coming.




Just before Christmas, I was given a set of water-colours and paper from my sister. I am 


finding this a beautiful and exciting medium to work with. I usually used children's water-


colours, a box that I have had for years, fine felt-tip pens, and pencils to sketch outside








 The finer quality paints are a different world.  I am thankful to have found this tradional 


medium that is leading me back to the abstract - expressed in earlier paintings.  Many


thanks to sister Jane.




A student has brought a collection of rocks and shells to the studio. The paintings evolving 


from her process are fascinating. 




I have just added "Paypal" to the website. I hope this proves more convenient for


everyone.  The cost of shipping in Canada is still included in the displayed price. 




from Marion